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Energy Healing Incorporates healing on all levels of the bioefeild and subtle energies.

 With a focus on energy bodies and chakras, vibrating at frequencies that profoundly realign the physical reality, down to a molecular level, effecting the atomic structure. Crystals and vibrational sound therapy help these bodies align with their natural rhythms and energies promoting overall wellness and vitality.

The alternative healing methods I use in my practice are:

Crystal Energy Healing,

Boifield Energy Alignment,

Vibrational Sound Therapy,

Tarot Reading, 

Kundalini Yoga.

My Journey:

When in my twenties 

I had a near death experience where I crossed over;

everyday I get to experience a blessing.

I first started reading Tarot 18 years ago.

 I felt undeniably called to use them in divining

   "Tarot Chose Me".    

I'm a natural mystic psychic and empath called to assist in the healing and awakening of the collective conscious.


My Practice

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