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Basic Foundation Lotion (BFL) 100ML

Basic Foundation Lotion (BFL) 100ML


Water: Moistures the skin

Sunflower Oil: Hydrates the skin, rich in antioxidants, unclogs pores, soothes and relieves inflammation, protects the skin barrier, anti- aging benefits.

Shea Butter: Hydrates the skin, is concentrated in nutrients, boosts collagen production, anti-inflammatory, shea doesn’t clog pores allowing them to breathe, and promotes cell regeneration.

Emulsifying Wax: Is derived from olive oil, it emulsifies and thickens, while increasing the moisture rate of lotions. It’s soft enough for even the most sensitive skin.

BTMS: Is a primary emulsifier and conditioning agent, it has a wide range of applications in hair care and skin care. Because of its exceptionally mild properties, it is an ideal choice for leave-on skin care and leave-in conditioners. It increases the moisture rate of cosmetic products providing softening effects and gives body and thickness to the lotion.

Calendula Flower Remedy to calm inflamed and angry skin, Calendula is an antiseptic containing antifungal properties, helping to prevent the spread of infection and speed the rate of repair.

Chamomile Flower contains anti-Inflammatory, antibiotic, and anti-allergenic properties, helping heal and prevent acne and irritation.

Lavender Flower: Is anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic and helps regulate sebum production, unclogs pores, tones, regulates, and regenerates the skin.

Optiphen: Is a broad-spectrum preservative for activity against mold, bacteria, and yeast.

Lactobacillius Ferment Naturally: Occurring in the body, this Antioxidant provides long-term skin conditioning activity and anti-aging properties.



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