Clarity Duo, Herbal Garden Facial Soap & Clarifying Toner

Healing Garden Soap; Clarifying gentle soap intended for acne prone / sensitive skin. 
Hand crafted in small batches, Limited supply. Tested and used by master estheticians.
Directions: Lather soap onto hands, wash cloth, or facial brush and apply the lather to face gently massaging the face in upwards motions. Do not put bar directly on the face. After massaging lather on face rinse, moisturizing before drying, and allow soap to dry between uses.

Clarifying Skin Toner heals tones and clarifies skin aiding in overall skin health. It gives a light hydration while working to keep the skin clear. Can be used twice a day, morning and night and be applied under makeup. The unique blend was created for sensitive, acne prone skin. It is especially effective when used in combination with healing garden facial soap.  Tested and used by master estheticians.

Directions: Spray in hands and gently massage into face in upwards motions, keeping away from eyes, while keeping affirmations in mind or saying them out loud. Store in fridge for prolonged usage.